Of Eternal Space

The quiet space harbours on the idea that everything is still, but it is not. Everything else is moving around you; it is you that is silent and unmoving. Your mind for a moment has seemingly stopped from running and your focus is on one thing that you cannot tear away from until something breaks your concentration. It is the same way as noticing a butterfly and you watch it in awe of its beauty, floating around the grass and colourful flowers. You can’t think of anything besides that butterfly. When you blink everything returns to being mobile and the magic of that space is broken. That space in your mind inhibits time. But does it really? The physics of it doesn’t allow time to be slowed or hindered, but the perception of that moment where only one thing exists.





And awakening of the soul.


The touch that comes with recognising the existence of that butterfly is what creates a sense of something we cannot understand, it is not an emotion. A kind of unexplainable power that roams around your senses and strangely opens your eyes to new things. The “feeling” or term spirit, moves within all of us, every person has a personality and under that a living, breathing soul.  Philosophy and Metaphysics doesn’t include this as it cannot be understood or seen. Seeing to some is believing, but that which we can see is not all there is to see and our minds haven’t access to the vast knowledge and perception of other spiritualism aspects as they haven’t had the opportunity to experience it.


We are all searching for something, a part that is missing in our lives. But there is nothing missing. We are complete beings that have just strayed away from the Truth. Faith in a higher being does not hinder the understanding of life and what is, but rather opens doors to understanding it better. Materialism takes away a lot and the ego in ourselves robs of the kind of people we should be.


“Now faith is the substance of all things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

  • Hebrews 11: 1


An eternal space that is within us that longs to be home.


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