Poisoned Youth

We are the poisoned youth.

Being thrown into the dungeon of life that shackles and feeds off of our flesh and sucks us dry of our humanity.

Society is a cruel monster that eats away at our souls like incubi living off of our life force.

They make us eat more because we look like a pale figure with only skin and bones.

They make us eat less because we have more body weight then the social media Barbie dolls.

They make us crouch into a corner, shield our faces from the world, because everyone is laughing at us because we’re a little a bit different than what is considered ‘normal’.

This life we live is an endless façade of smiles and laughter, with many nights filled with the fume of sighs and blackened lungs degraded from all kinds of harmful substances that make us feel like we’re alive.

Because in this world that shames and names and compares, we just want to feel human.

When we touch that emptiness inside and breathe it in like air, we need to learn to see the world in a better way.

So we cut and drug and drink and sniff and sing and shout and tear and jump.

But no one hears us.

They send us to houses of madness, therapists, and put us on medication that we just throw up or overdose on.

Our heads are in a haze, the scenery blurry and tainted with sorrow that slowly kills us every day.

We do things to help us survive, but we’re not really living.

We’re just going through the motions of the mechanics that we were taught.

Empty people. Distant faces.

It’s all a temporary high.

One day it will end.

But it won’t end unless we choose to end it ourselves.


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