Secrets of Art

I try to explain what I feel. I’m a writer, I’m supposed to convey what I feel into words. But there’s something about this. this. 

I always listened to the lyrics that spoke to me, or found a song with a nice beat and melody. 

But there’s something about this one song that moves my soul to the core. 

I close my eyes and keep them closed for the duration of the song. For the first time I feel the music and I got rhythm. I tap my foot to the beat, my whole body swaying on its own accord. I’m absorbed into this other world. 

I smile like someone is sharing a secret with me that they haven’t told anyone before. knowing that I get to hear it fills my body with an electric feeling. I feel the music under my skin.  I breathe the verses. My hands move like a conductor, vibrating with the sounds of the instruments. 

I am one with everything. 

I have never felt this before. 

That’s what it’s like, isn’t it? 

When you truly connect with the music it gives you this otherworldly sensation. 

When you find someone who gives  you the same feelings music does, that’s when you found someone special. 

That’s when it’s worth something. 


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