I feel a shaking in my bones

Under my skin I feel the pull and twist of the old electricity that ran through my veins at the hour of you
I hear that rumbling sound of my stomach, sick of digesting flashes of lightening that all too soon faded away. 
I am hungry. 

I am in need of a lasting meal and you were the last to satisfy me. 
But you left. 
Now I am starving and it seems that I will never again taste you in my mouth. in my blood. on my skin. in the crevices of my heart. your soul touching my soul. but never reaching it entirely. 
As we loved and lived in each other, the recognition of affirmation of forever in our eyes, our chests were ripping themselves open to feast on each others presence. our life force dripping with the desire to connect. 

We had no idea in that moment that it would end. 
All we knew was the ever glow of light shielding us from the pain of loving one another but never being able to get that place where the tendrils of our inner beings met in harmony. 
We forced ourselves into each other like two different puzzle pieces breaking to fit together.  
We were a masterpiece of discord and illusions. 


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