What I Never Said 

I never told anyone or wrote in detail how it felt to be near you. I never explained how much I loved every second I was with you because I feel words aren’t enough. 

I keep this in my heart. I bury my desire for you in trenches no one dares to explore – I’ll never let them in. They will never know what ignites in my body when I close my eyes and remember you.

I remember you like you are inked under my skin, permanent and forever.  

I can still hear the way your breath heaves when I trace my tongue across your lips. I know the rippling action that burns inside of you when I bite and press you closer. One pull from my teeth and your strong hands clutch my legs as if you’re trying to tame the beast within. 

I recall the thump of your heart under my ear like a beat of my favourite song. I love many things about you and us and what we shared those beautiful nights. But what I love most is the way you used to look at me, the unmasked gleam of love shimmering in a light that matches the spark of a thousand suns. 
I will hold that close to me. Even if I never see you again. Even if you can never be in my arms again. And even if you can never look at me like that again. 


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