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RUBY didn’t think the first time she went to club that she would be in the arms of a girl. It was a little overcrowded for her liking – she hated small space – but the atmosphere and the music was good. The music blasted in her ears, the base shooting through her body that seemed to make the whole floor vibrate with each drop. 
Her hands were on the girl’s waist, which was clad in a tight, almost second skin red dress, and was so close to her that she could smell her perfume. Her small hands held Ruby’s bare shoulders and it was hot and sticky against her skin. The girl’s hair flowed around her head in a long dark curtain and her striking grey – green eyes captivated her. 
And her lips! Her lips were painted in kissable pastel red that was edging closer every second. Ruby glanced to her left at her friend, Elsie, who suggested they go here since Ruby had never been before. 
Elsie was dancing with her boyfriend who was giving Ruby weird looks. She had never been with a girl before. She couldn’t blame it on the alcohol since she never drank any, this was all her. She took the girl’s hand and asked her if they could go somewhere private. 
Ruby was led to a dark corner and was pushed up against it. Before she could do anything, the girl’s lips pressed against hers. Ruby closed her eyes to the sensation of soft lips moulding with hers and the new exciting feelings spreading through her body. This was better than any of the boys she had went out with. She loved kissing this girl. But right on time a pain struck her in her chest and she pushed it away as she did many times before. 
“What’s your name?” Ruby asked once they stopped to catch their breath. 
“Nina,” the girl replied. 
Just then her phone rang. Elsie  was looking for her. She kissed Nina on the cheek and headed for the entrance by the midnight street. Elsie and her boyfriend shared a knowing glance. 
“You kissed her didn’t you?” Elsie said. 
Ruby shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s not like I’ll see her again. It was just a one time thing.” 
“Maybe you’re into girls. Or bisexual?” Elsie’s boyfriend questioned. “You could never really kiss a boy before. You always pulled away…” 
Ruby shuddered at the memory. “It’s not like that. It still felt off. Like I wasn’t supposed to kiss her tonight. With all the guys it feels wrong and I get freaked out, but it’s not me. It’s because of the Trigger thing.” 
Triggers. She wished she didn’t have one. No one really talked about it to anyone so she couldn’t explain how she felt. Everyone had a Trigger, the closest thing they had to a human soul mate. They were made for each other, their bodies were drawn to them. It was why whenever you did things with someone else or had feelings for someone other than your Trigger you felt strange. You felt so sick that you pulled away every time. Ruby read a lot about human literature and it sounded so amazing to be with your soul mate. But in this world it wasn’t. Triggers couldn’t physically touch.
AFTER sleeping over at Elsie’s house for the night, she texted her overbearing brother/guardian that she arrived safely. Elsie and Ruby went to go shopping. Five shops later and they still couldn’t find anything they liked, they came across this little boutique in the corner of the mall. She saw this gorgeous gown with a long trail and lace sleeves. As she walked towards it she got bumped out the way. 
“Mine!” Elsie called. 
She chuckled as her phone started ringing Beyonce, Crazy in Love. 
“Hey Stellen,” she answered her older brother. 
“Where are you? How’s the sleepover?” 
“Great. I’m out with Elsie at the moment. Shopping.” 
Stellen was so overprotective. 
“Oh okay. Kayden got detention today.” 
“Again?” Ruby asked. 
“Yeah, I don’t know what to do with him.” 
Stellen and Kayden were biological siblings. Ruby was adopted at age four after her parents died. They never spoke of their death. There were rumours that her parents were Triggers but that couldn’t be possible. Triggers couldn’t go close to each other or their energies would connect and cause instant combustion that could destroy themselves and anyone within a five mile radius. 
Kayden was younger than Ruby and he had major issues that Stellen didn’t understand. Ruby was always the one to handle Kayden. She knew his secret. He was finding it extremely difficult to live without his Trigger. When you were younger it affected you more. Your whole body screamed for you go to them and being apart from them tore you up inside. It was effort on most days to even get out of bed. 
“Okay, I’ll come around after I’m done here,” Ruby told Stellen. 
“Thanks, R. Stay safe. Love you.” 
“Love you too,” She said and disconnected. 
When she got home Kayden had his headphones on and was playing video games in the lounge while Stellen made supper. Stellen was the mom, brother, dad and housewife. She felt sorry that Stellen had to do that all on his own. She wished that his mom was still around, but she had just vanished one day out of the blue. No one knew what happened to her. Stellen said that maybe she was kidnapped. Ruby didn’t believe that, it was just what he told himself to ease his mind.  
“Kay?” Ruby sat by Kayden.
His short hair had grown into a little nest of curls on his head and his dark eyes held a gleam of wetness as if he had previously shed some tears. She knew how painful it was. When she was younger Stellen had to sleep next to her every night just so she could sleep. She woke up screaming and crying because she wanted to be with her Trigger so bad. She didn’t think anyone understood why it was like that, it was more of a curse than what soul mates were described as.  
“What happened today?” 
“I met her,” He whispered lowly. 
Ruby let out a small gasp. “And?” 
“And…they kept her from me. They told us we can’t be in the same place as each other, but I feel her everywhere I go. School is better now that she’s here. Everything is better now that she’s here. I’m better. But we’re forbidden. It’s like you finally get what you want, but you can’t have it.” 
Ruby didn’t know what to say after that.


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